Tuesday, November 29, 2016

short story slam week 57, 58, thanksgiving, and merry christmas

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Emily Pence  Trump

short story slam week 58, December 1--december 18, 2016, things that is sweet in your memory

pure pleasure
Saturday morning press

Abbey and Thomas,
Lilyn and Cheryl, they connect to Justin and Ginjel 

Connie and Wavely,
they have daughters as  Kathleen and Everlyn

Bing Cheng and Nathan Yu
they think of Nick Murphy, Serta Wang, and Yuewan Peng as old faithful

Albert Cai and Anna Pierce,
they sail kites to see farer sky

When Barron Trump, Sherry Kim, Yuri Uchida, Lee Fan, Min Fan, Senlin Fan, Jing Wu relate
as cousins, they try to think more on Yuan Peng, Matilda Bollag, Samba Beredjick, Alison Wu

at Mountain view,
we know more cousins, they could be Julia Watson, Emma Watson, Lindsay Chamber,

friends refuse to greet,
but Alissa Schapiro, Scott Pippen, Skylar Zhang, Megan Thielfing, Jia Jia, and Yujie Zhang smiling

more, Kong and Wu, Huang and Mu, Xu and Tang, Peng and Yan, Xie and Zhang, Gong and Yang,
Jiu and Liu, Shuai and Dai, Bie and Chang, Tan and Gong, Lin and Cheng, Yen and Chen

Wilson, Trump, Bush, Adams, and Montuwa,
they all love Papa John's pizza today

good luck on  Huang Wenfan, Zhu Taohui, and Dai Yonghui,
we do remember Peng Chuanhui, Kong Laoer, Dong Yi, Li Guyi, Na Ying, and Song Zuying

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

short story slam week 55, indianna, bloomington, dallas, houston, lawton, princeton, and washington d. c.

short story slam week 55, indianna, bloomington, dallas, houston,
 lawton, princeton, and washington d. c., brief news

when julie cohen invites ann peters,
a trip leads emily, jennifer, and shane to lone wolf

a way back is tough,
a snapshot from fortsil is interesting

James Apple, James Smith, Karen Barwald, Ann Apple, they love
new york times and Time square

Audrie Apple, Mary Virgil, James Whipple,
they travel beyond Horse Hay, Fay, Willow, Carter, Altus, Elk City to Bloomington

they get to know Virinder Moudgill and Renu Khator from Houston and Lawrence
and they have fun with Yu Junjian, Dong Wenhua, Zhang Ye, Feng Shui E

A Nantong friend from Jiangsu has come to Las Vegas,
he sits next to Jackie Chan, Lin Fengjiao, and Zhao Weidong, smiling

Michael McRobbie, he does oil business
Michael Jordan, he wins six championship from Chicago Bulls, Scott Pippen, Phil Jackson

a bell rings,
Peng Linlin reminds us of Hoagy Carmichael, Mark Cuban, Tavis Smiley, and Joshua Bell

a friendship between Jiagong Wu, and Michael Holly,
a tie around Peter Constantin, Stephan Wilson, Morton Schapiro, and William Jaco forms

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Image result for indiana university student union hotel 
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Image result for indiana university