Sunday, February 28, 2016

short story slam week 39, spring time, barn shadow at beach

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The Barn Collective. 

 everyone has childhood dreams, a toy shop is one of those dreams,
which means, shop, spend, enjoy, play, and satisfy

a girl from my 2nd grade home, her home is at the other side of Yuan Shuai river, I call her 
Jin E Shuai---golden moth of Qianjiang  county, i wonder what is her dream when she is small,
and what is her dream when she is 45

during 1970s to 1980s, we share Chairman Mao books, we share "one child policy" struggle
among ballcock baskets residents, we perform landlord self-criticism and mour the loss of
leadership of Mao, Lin, Kong, Jiang, Wang, Zhang, Yao, etc.

When Xiaoping Deng resumes higher education national exam policy, all cheers, yet not all obtain permission

Jin E Shuai has tiny trouble with her left eyes, but her parents are hard working, when she quits
Lakeshore middle school, I see her wearing a bright red vail, marrying a man from Songca town,
feeling the pain of lossing college dreams

the girl rolls her tears about her obligation to live with her new husband, not willing to
departure her 20 year old home, and the greeting team simply bang the Gong, playing
firecrackers to make her go, in addition, the broom also gives away small packages of 
cash to phrase his permission of her woman

today, we recall a normal girl's dream, her early marriage, and her children, grand children
her fate changes all of a sudden due to american new immigration rule, fame, a small luck,
and almost 30 years of diligence, and  yet, she is lucky

our fate is unpredictable, things turn around dramatically sometimes,
we simply share Jin E Shuai's story, believing that hard work does pay off,
may peers indeed succeed as businessman, college researcher, and 

after all, being ordinary is good enough to feel happy.


Winter So Long [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up

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Six Word Saturday 

Not the Way I have predicted

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

the story of the plants; cucmbers, tomatoes, egg plants, long beans, and corns ears

all corps grow
green earth rocks

all children thrive
primary education is vital

let it snow
let it show

go to the field for observation
get to the point for vital evaluation

love earth
love air

love water
love plants

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

About the Yahara Music Library


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Discover, collect, and enjoy music from Madison's music community.

Madison has always been home to a dynamic music scene. The Yahara Music Library celebrates that fact by creating an online library of local music to share with the community. The diverse collection of music in Yahara includes established musicians and up and coming artists who play everything from rock, hip hop, classical, and more. All South Central Library System card holders can stream music from the Yahara Music Library using any web browser or download albums in multiple formats to a variety of devices.

Musicians matter

Madison Public Library established the Yahara Music Library not only to share local music but also to support local musicians. That's why you'll find more than just music in Yahara. Artist and album pages feature reviews, biographies, and information about upcoming shows, links to the musicians' websites, social media, and online stores. We hope that Yahara creates new fans and inspires listeners to support the artists who make the music.

About us

The Yahara Music Library was a collaborative project between the Madison Public Library and Murfie Music, Inc of Madison.
Madison Public Library located in Madison, WI hosts nine libraries and is part of the South Central Library System, a cooperative network of 53 public libraries in a seven county area. The system promotes reciprocal access to the resources of all member libraries making Yahara available to anyone with a valid South Central Library System card.
The Madison-based Murfie corporation is a modern take on the neighborhood record store. Murfie digitizes the CD collections of its customers and makes those collections available for streaming, downloading, and selling in its online marketplace.

Open Source

Murfie and the Library are releasing technical elements of the Yahara Music Library under an open source license. This means that anyone can contribute to the project's design, and other institutions can create their own iterations of the project. Yahara runs on a combination of this open source code and elements that were developed by Murfie. Institutions creating their own version of this project can develop their own system or work with Murfie to use theirs. The project can be found at

To Participate

To have your CD or album considered as an addition to the Yahara Music Library, complete this application. Please keep in mind that we cannot accommodate all requests for inclusion, and that we follow guidelines detailed in the Madison Public Library's Collection Development Policy.

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