Friday, August 7, 2015

Chris Francisco

Office: 401 Mathematical Sciences
Office phone: (405) 744-8225
I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University, and I am also the department's Associate Head for Lower-Division Instruction. My research interest is commutative algebra. Here are my vita and publication list.
This fall, I am teaching an honors section of Math 2153 (Calculus II). We will use the Online Classroom and WebAssign throughout the semester. I am also teaching Math 5902, the TA preparation course for new math graduate students.
I spent 2004-2007 as a postdoc in the math department at the University of Missouri. I finished my Ph.D. in mathematics at Cornell University in the summer of 2004. At Cornell, I worked with Mike Stillman, studying Hilbert functions and the minimal graded free resolutions associated to them. I frequently use the computer algebra system Macaulay 2, written by Dan Grayson and Mike Stillman.
In 1999, I graduated with degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While at Illinois, I got interested in commutative algebra thanks to Graham Evans, my undergraduate mentor. I am originally from Lawrence, Kansas, and I graduated from Lawrence High School in 1995.