Tuesday, April 28, 2015

my way to world peace (world peace business number 4)

I hear him,
I hear her,
I hear scream,
I hear murmur...
some want to go to war,
some want to kill their opponents in a row,
some choose to convince the leaders,
while others try to influence the soldiers.
a few decide to give in,
many opt to stay indifferent,
for those who are confronted and affected,
life is a struggle when personal beliefs contrast a remote friend.
the media reports all levels of arguments,
but that may not solve the problems,
only if all know that everything is alternate,
at usa soil, visitors are aliens who shall not force automatic ideology shifts.
my way to world peace is weak,
my way to world peace is respect and distance,
my way to world peace is mutual understanding, not parade,
my way to world peace is NO Violence, but different standards.
the wheels of earth roll,
the minds of people struggle,
don't expect free money and empty resistance,
don't round up to a whole number to hide your ambition of attacks and wounds.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Talynn Parks

Las Vegas casino,
Anne Brinn, Eric Biden, and Larry Obama postal,
EZ Mark knots.
Simple bookmarks,
Sheila Why, Karen Baker, Ale Olivera, Saint Louis Arcs,
I wonder why Chuanxian puzzles.
Shihe struggles to drive on high wire,
Liyuan evening news interviews Yang Lan,
What Simei Salt pine.
The Tide strings are original,
Talynn Parks, Becky Cox, Yansheng White posts bartley,
Air force one goes Butter free.


Saturday, April 4, 2015


a root vegetable,
often orange in color,
carrots can be eaten raw,
or dined with recipes as salads.
carrots ancestors,
can be civilians from persia,
regions of Iran and Afghanistan,
carrots or huluobu,
are pleasant food to
bunny rabbits and wild hares.
carrots are roots,
carrots wear green hair,
carrots are pencil food items,
and carrots are drawn from middle french latin heir.