Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fung Lun

autumn season, orange Fung Lun trees,
the ripen grapefruits command
every eye-Paalaa bells ring,
Barefeet on Whitmore Pineapple field,
Yellow sun winks behind Pearlridge valley.
A rectangle box,
Filled with freshly stuffed buns,
golden sesame balls,
crispy fried dumplings,
love roars, sweet breakfast...
Ripcurl, inmotion, burger king,
Odwalla, Jenna Komatsu at Beijing,
A swollen encounter
Hotel Renew smartwater.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

here and there

here and there,
i spy an ox wearing red.
up and down,
Mr. Lax seesaws with Mr. Brown.
day and night,
a daisy winks at a handsome knight.
believe it or not,
Tom Hanks makes Kate upton hot.
Sooner or Later,
Hollywood will frame an UF gator.
In and Out,
Facebook walls hear twitter birds' shout.
False or True,
Google Folks compete with Yahoo Crew.