Monday, February 16, 2015

the bleeding heart

i could neither give in,
nor change the rule,
and with opposing opinions spreading,
i see wisdom do KungFu.
the negative energy lingers,
the trust-worthy one prunes my fingers.
while our ultimate goal is eternity,
we could not assure the same integrity.
nonsense or incomplete is not defeat,
unconditional love won't suspend hatred.
a bleeding heart,
not a world of aliens that are bizarre,
a living being,
juggling decent, madness, greed, violence in vein.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

tomases at shenandoah

the slim tall boy with tiny nibles
lifts up the earth to eliminate blues.
too much gossip for a child,
too little comprehension to tomases.
at shenadoah town's edge,
a short fat girl blows bubbles,
while she thinks of flicking lights,
she pushes forth weight of some people's ignorance.
long face,
round heads,
hazy eyes,
beijing ipads.

an award tag, from poets rally week 79, thanks
and i wish to nominate  Chris G.  
for his refreshing style of poetic words
and  Shawn L. Bird