Saturday, January 17, 2015

perhaps she will

an experience could be life-altering,
studying aboard is huge,
Graduating from college is major,
Getting a promotion is thrilling.
Inside the den of Luminis,
Novelist Laurie Gray pens a life of wonder:
A teenager girl,
Sandy Lopez has many secrets to conquer.
The separation from her boyfriend Chuck Barton,
the death of her grandfather John Wellsnom,
the loss of her pet dog Greg Wisdom,
and the serve Blizzard that fell at her hometown Helena this past December.
Move on,
look forward, not backward,
Stay sane,
Things may improve another way around.
perhaps she will,
a title for a normal or abnormal book,
that's what life can promise Sandy Lopez.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hilary Gust at San Francisco Jokes

Hilary Gust never thinks of human lust,
Laura Bernice agrees not to breastfeed James Pust,
Cross the golden bridge,
Here comes Benji Hage,
The moon has gone crescent,
Edmund Lankford shall stop fear the most present,
Christensen Lempert tests the thin ice,
Christi Fallin purchases a new computer mice,
Gloria texts his son for a movie,
Wendy sightseeing downtown so that Anne stops feeling angry.
The Sun has set,
The stars pop out,
Kenneth gives his daughter a pet,
Meet offers his dad a smile, no doubt.

... San Francisco, California. Twitter launched a new version of the

troll troll san francisco california golden gate bridge HD Wallpaper ...

Such a Humerous City