Friday, April 18, 2014

Beautiful Sydney: Healthy Nut To Alex and Ani

It's spring time AT North America,
Texas Blue Bonnet bursts with purple sheen,
Tigers, lions, elephants, donkeys activize the wild in south Africa,
The greenish tree leaves silently sing.

Far, far away at Sydney of Australia,
The day is at Summer's end,
Yellow leaves, big fat pumpkins,
Nights are cold, autumn begins.

Sydney's music theatre is well known,
Kangaroo, Ostrich, butterflies, and brown bears fancy the zoo,
homes wear brown gown
as Jenna Mayer, Meet Joe, Sharon Robertson, Robert Lawrence Black, Mary Fallin, Jay Chan,
    Tara Robinson, Maria Robinson, Molly Pickens, Anne Greenwood, Leigha Dough Layton
     learn some Asian karaoke Kung Fu.

At times, Syndey residents do image San Jose, Chuck Reed, and Moscow,
they wish to romance with Yukon, El Reno, El Paso, Houston, Baltmore, and Topeka,
Although the seasons there run backward
and they don't feel different from living at Juneau or Wisilla of  Alaska.

Syndey is a city with depth,
The mayor, the legislators, and the media are wise,
Promote Arthur Ochs Sulzbercer, Liz Lempert, Sarah Pritchard, and Anthony Benten,
Be hosts to people from Dayton, Atoka, Dallas, Fort Worth, Perkins, OKlahoma City...

Study World history,
Visit Iowa, Idaho, Florida, Georgia, Maine, New York, New Mexico, Drifwood, Oregon,
Communicate with Frankford, Alissa, Rachel, Mary, Tara, Mish, Jill, Mimi, and Laynie,
Pay attention to  Ada, Lexington, Cheyenne, Charleston, Evanston, Beijing, and Tryon.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jackson and Mississippi

Beside the Mississippi river,
Surrounded by Little Rock, Baton Rouge,
Montgomery, Nashville, and Cheyenne;
Stands an unique capital city called Jackson,
which reminds me of impressive figures
such as Phil Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine and Scott Jackson.

Not far at Lutkin Fisk music hall,
En Ma and An Ya fine tuen their violin strings,
a concert will take place on Mozart, Bach, Domino Frankman's
compositions and mountain view of sand springs,
Life is such a special occasion
when Piano and Percussion cooperate to sing.

Outside Mississippi state map,
Other lords and lands go green:
Stories and fairy tales fly out of grasp
of authoritative writers like rockets:
their names hang tall in Heaven
while walls of books stock to be read and seen.

Diane Sykes, Lynn Sweet, Jane Skinner, Anatole Shub, B. J. Demond, Jill Biden, Caitlin Rother,
Barry Peterson, Jodi Cohen, Michelle Kosinski, Matt Villano, Sam Walton, Michael Miner, 
James Knight, Reece, Douglas, and Tom Foster, Camille Beredjick, Rylan Carney, John Clinton,
Uwe Gordon, Jan Phillips, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, Dan Camey, Sarah Constantin,
Please accept fame and pass it to more people named Jackson.

Beyond Jackson and Mississippi river,
stands lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario,
Respect USA, Russia, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Panama,  and China,
Take vacations to Yellowstone National Park, Wrangell-Saint Elias Park,                                               and Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Wisconsin, and Florida.