Friday, December 21, 2012

November 29, 2012: Confession By Stephen Dobyns

The Nazi within me thinks it's time to take charge,
The world's a mess; people are crazy.
The Nazi within me wants windows shut tight,
New Locks put on the doors. There's too much
fresh air, too much coming and going,
The Nazi within me wants more respect. He wants
the only TV camera, the only bank account,
the only really pretty girl. The Nazi within me
wants to be boss of the traffic and traffic lights.
People drive too fast, they take up too much space.
The Nazi within me thinks people are getting away
with murder. He wants to be boss of spirit murder.
He wants to be boss of bananas, boss of white bread.
The Nazi within me wants to wash their hands, sit up straight,
pay strict attention. He wants to make certain
they say yes when he says yes, and no when he says no,
He images everybody sitting in straight chairs,
people all over the world sitting in straight chairs.

PS: a piece unique to read, but totally fictional from the author's perspective...thanks...cheers...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jabez Arnold

your living ones,
do you know what you are?
And what is being done with you?
You're leaves on the stem of life,
and the stem of life and the root of life
are using you to extract from the infinite
what shall return to the infinite-
Involution and evolution forever!
This is the secret, manifested materially before your eyes,
in the leaves of the trees,
which extract from the sun and the air,
Sweets and colors,
And hand them on to the stems
and the roots of the tree
until the leaves have given all,
and nothing flush of exhaustion
From ultimate sacrifice!